Crusade Report: Nkomazi, South Africa

NKOMAZI Gospel Crusade, 24 – 30 November 2014

DAY 1 & 2

Our first two days have been fantastic. Already, crutches are being thrown from stage, young and old dancing with contagious joy, testifying of their God-encounters. Salvation (see pic of new converts in tent). Healing. Deliverance. Such are the natural consequences of Gospel-preaching. Despite rainy conditions, the people of Nkomazi are attending in great numbers. Lindiwe (51) was set free from the effects of a stroke she suffered in 1999. “I was unable to do any chores,” she explained. “I felt the power of Jesus going through me. I can now do everything I was unable to do before!” Ps. Gambo (67) was delivered from three years of debilitating back pain. “I had been operated on, but was still no better. My whole body started shaking. I felt something going out of me – I am healed!”





Tonight, I preached on the sickness of sin, being one that attacks the soul, condemning it for all eternity. What waves of salvation followed, heaven is rejoicing – and us with them! Healings happened in hot pursuit. Jesta (72) ran back and forth on stage, ecstatic. “For ten years, I have had such pains in my waist, I could not walk unaided,” she explained. “It felt like wires tightening around my body. Now, I am completely healed. I feel so strong!” Carrying her crutch over one shoulder, she exited the platform with glee, the crowd cheering her on. Hallelujah! Tomorrow morning, our Fire Conference begins. Thank you for your prayers.





The work continues, here in Nkomazi. And what marvellous work it is! Our Fire Conference began this morning in fine style, the temperature thereof already red hot. Tonight, once again, a floodtide of precious souls poured into the Kingdom and the captives were set wondrously free. People queued to give their testimonies, bubbling with joy. One lady in particular was delivered from four years of legs so painful, she was unable to walk. “The witchdoctors could not help me,” she explained. “But tonight, Jesus has done it!” Yes indeed, there is no power like His power – He is after all, the one true God!




Tonight, I preached on Isaiah 61, detailing all the wondrous things Jesus will do for all those who would call upon His name. A wave of salvation followed and thereafter, many mighty miracles. Lindiwe (67) had suffered a stroke eleven years ago that left her both relying upon a crutch to walk and unable to move her one arm. Entirely liberated, she demonstrated her newfound mobility on stage, swinging the crutch by her side. Poulinah (78) not only received Jesus tonight but was also gloriously healed. “My legs were so painful I was unable to walk long distances,” she explained. “Every day this problem affected me. But, after prayer, I feel so different. I am healed!” Sophie (70) suffered from poor eyesight. “I could not see properly, I needed help to do so many things. Now, I can see perfectly.” Our Fire Conference concludes tomorrow morning (seen in pics below). Thank you for your prayers.




Today was – as all crusade week Saturdays are – a day of fire! Both in our morning and evening meetings, we prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. A torrent of new tongues rose heavenward as men and women, young and old were overwhelmed by His presence and filled to overflowing. As the fire fell, miracles likewise manifested. Mrs Muziyane (75) recently lost her husband and attended the crusade in black attire. Little did she expect, I suppose, the blessings that awaited her! Filled by the Spirit of God, she spoke in tongues for the very first time. With the infilling, came her healing. “I could not walk properly for the past five years,” she shared. “I had terrible problems in my back and feet. I felt the power of Jesus tonight – I am completely healed!” Sizakele (32) attended the crusade from neighbouring Swaziland. Plagued by an allergy for twelve long years, her skin was constantly itchy, flacking and scale-like. “I felt my body being electrified. It felt like something was coming out of it. The itching has stopped. I can feel my skin changing its texture. I am going to tell everybody what Jesus has done for me.” Hallelujah! Tomorrow evening, we conclude.





What a night we had! The rain came down with grand enthusiasm, resulting in my sermon being delivered to a packed follow-up tent. A more joyous crowd you have never encountered. Salvation reigned and healing flowed. Juana (63) had suffered for decades from a troublesome leg. “It started when I was young,” she explained. “I was always in pain – until tonight. The pain just came out and such peace flooded my soul. I want to thank God who has healed me.” She ran up and down before a cheering crowd, rejoicing as she went. A fellow evangelist, Hein Strauss (Word for the World Ministries, see pic with him, his wife and daughter) attended our crusade for its duration. He shared briefly with the people and did a marvellous job. We also burnt all the witchcraft and false religion fetishes new converts had brought to be disposed of. The pastors are thrilled and eager to begin following up the thousands of precious people who have come to Jesus through both this crusade week and our pre-crusade outreaches. Thank you so much for your prayers, Nkomazi has been forever changed!





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