Short, candid and arrow-sharp, our podcasts will fire you up to achieve the impossible. Jesus needs you labouring by His side, ever-willing to set the captives free, together with Him. Be inspired, be challenged, be empowered. Become all our Lord has called you to be!

PODCAST: Ask, Seek, Knock

In all of God’s wisdom, He gazes upon the tapestries of our lives. In comparison, we are only able to glimpse but a few threads. While we genuinely believe that we are praying for something good, God may know that granting that particular request will ultimately lead to our destruction.

PODCAST: Little Foxes

I want to encourage you today to examine your life. Do not let the little foxes spoil the vine, root out quickly those negative and sinful habits you are allowing to creep into your daily routine, regardless of how small they may appear. Such will end in destruction, if left unchecked.

PODCAST: Saving Balm

Rather than judging, let us weep and intercede for those who are struggling in bondage and sin. Let us hurt when they hurt, feeling their pain and torment as if it were our own. Let us pray for them, love them and lift them up to the One who heals and restores shattered lives.

PODCAST: God Knows

Dear friend, never hide from God. He will only ever look upon you with eyes of unqualified love, freely and willingly granting reassurance, wisdom and guidance to all who come to Him.

PODCAST: Wind and Wax

No-one can see the wind, however, when the wind blows along the dunes, we see the path it was traveling by observing the patterns of the sand. Just so, we see the heart of an invisible God in the pattern of Jesus. Jesus makes God real and, in knowing Him, we know God. If you want to know what God is like, look at Jesus. His love, compassion and sacrifice perfectly reflect the heart of the Father.

PODCAST: Eyes on the Prize

Do not look to this world to provide your needs, but keep your eyes on Christ. Businesses may rise and fall, wages may ebb and flow and jobs may come and go, but if you are a child of God, He will always provide through whatever channel He chooses to use.

PODCAST: Divine Philanthropist

The nature of God is one of unparalleled giving and generosity. In striving to be more like Him, let us endeavour to be generous to all we encounter, regardless of whether or not they are deserving. In this manner, we shine as His children, preaching the Good News of salvation not solely with our words, but through our actions as well.

PODCAST: Holy Wattage

When you speak the word of God over your life in general or a situation in particular, every word is pregnant with the power to deliver and set free. Confess His word knowing that as you speak, the Holy Spirit is hard at work, bringing the miracle about. Speaking His Word means flicking the switch, and bringing a floodtide of light and life.

PODCAST: Fool’s Gold

Ask God to open the eyes of your heart so you can understand both your need for salvation and the path thereto. There is only one path, and His name is Jesus Christ!

PODCAST: Powered by Love

Dear friend, let us always check our hearts, knowing that while man may look solely upon the outer shell, God sees deep within. The very motivation that drove God to sacrifice His Son for a sinful world, is stated to be that of love. Surely, our own motives for doing good should not be any different. If love drove Him on, it should drive us on as well.