Rocky Road

I speak to those of you today who have started a new endeavour. We read a promise in Isaiah 55 that is greatly encouraging in this regard. “For you shall go out with joy, and be led out with peace,” we read. Perhaps you feel that the road is currently too unsettled for you to be filled with such enviable emotions. “I will feel much happier, much more at peace,” you surmise, “once things are a little more settled, once my project has progressed further down the line.” Dear friend, if yours is an endeavour approved by the Lord, if that project is in His will for your life, then perfect peace and jubilant joy are yours during each and every stage of its completion. Embrace these divine gifts, take hold of them, enjoy them. Choose to thrive in the journey, even before the breakthrough comes. This is your heritage as a child of the Lord. The believer need never be sour faced, not even on the rockiest of roads.

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