The Preacher

In 1 Peter 1 v 12, we read about the Gospel being preached THROUGH people BY the Holy Spirit. Dear friend, this concept is important for two reasons. Firstly, it makes clear that while God proclaims the Gospel through the mouths of His children, we are never labouring alone. The Holy Spirit strives together with us, setting every word spoken ablaze with redeeming power. Secondly, it makes plain that without the Holy Spirit, the story of the death and resurrection of Christ could never win a single soul. It is not enough for it to be preached by flesh and blood, the Holy Spirit must be involved! Why? Simply put, the devil has hardened the hearts of men against God. It is only the Spirit of God who is able to convict them of their sin, showing them both their need for a Saviour as well as who is able to save them – only Jesus! And so, while the Spirit uses our mouths, hands and feet, He is the primary Preacher and Message Bringer – and what a Preacher He is!

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